Missouri Reworked

Missouri Reworked, originally uploaded by Max_Vernon. This place was one of the most serene places I’ve visited. This was taken just after 6am (exif says 7:10am but the clock was not updated for daylight savings). We stayed at a campsite very close to the Harry S Truman Reservoir on our way back from Florida. When

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Sunset Panorama

Sunset Panorama, originally uploaded by Max_Vernon. Taken just outside my backdoor about a week ago. This was patched together from 10 high-res RAW photos taken with my Nikon D60. The original image is over 10,000 pixels wide, and at 25MB in jpg format is pretty darn big.

Working the Field

Working the Field, originally uploaded by Max_Vernon. We recently went to The Manitoba Museum. There are a lot of interesting dioramas such as this one of a man harvesting wheat…

Kora’s Photography

A friend of mine from Flickr, Korafotomorgana, just completed her photography website, http://www.korafotomorgana.com. Check it out! She’s a fantastic photographer based in The Big Apple, New York City!