Lucy, originally uploaded by Max_Vernon. This is our puppy, Lucy. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier… she has so much energy, I was amazed she sat still for this shot.

Dogs Running in the field (Nikon D60 Video)

Video of Dog Running, originally uploaded by Max_Vernon. I recently bought a Nikon D60 DSLR digital camera which is capable of compiling multiple individual 10 megapixel photos into a stop-motion video configurable at between 5 to 15 frames per second. This sample video is pretty bad, but in all reality I put almost no effort

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"Greenspace", originally uploaded by Max_Vernon. This are is currently a park-like setting next to the CN Railway line running from Pembina and Jubilee to Confusion Corner in Winnipeg. Earlier this year the city decided to turn this area into a rapid transit corridor. Hopefully they don’t negatively impact the beauty of the area… I’m not

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