Original Image Pre Lightroom

Max_Vernon posted a photo: Post Lightroom Image is here. Please let me know what you think… This is definitely not a perfect shot by any means. I thought this would be a good shot to use to hone my Lightroom skillz. Ben Waters Band at Great Woods Music Festival ’09

Lightroom Test

Max_Vernon posted a photo: Pre Lightroom image is here All comments are welcome! Critical or otherwise; this is a learning experience! Ben Waters Band at Great Woods Music Festival ’09

16 CPU Xeon Nahalem Box

Max_Vernon posted a photo: Can you say sweet, boys and girls? I knew you could! 2 x Quad Core Xeon X5570 CPUs with dual-thread virtualization per core, for 16 logical cores! 24GB 1,333mhz RDIMM memory. Still in testing phase, but boy does this box rock! Of course, the original size image is much better…