A chance to be mentored by one of the premiere members of the SQL Server Community, @PaulRandal ? I’m in!

February 2, 2015 · Posted in SQL 

@PaulRandal is offering to mentor people over the next several months. I’d love the opportunity to receive some guidance from one of the most respected members of the world-wide SQL Server community.

I’ve been using SQL Server since early 2003, and have a pretty wide level of understanding of the features and principles of SQL Server; however I feel I could use some of Paul’s very valuable time to understand how I could provide better service to my customers and provide better assistance to the rest of the SQL Server community.

I’ve used Paul’s `DBCC PAGE` details to help developers understand details surrounding strange behavior in their products. I’ve read many other blog posts by him, at SQLSkills.com, that have been extremely helpful.

He regularly sends subscribers the invaluable SQL Skills Insiders email that is very informative, and interesting since he tends to share quite a bit more than *just* SQL Server info.

Do yourself a favor, and get informed on SQL Server internals by reading his material!


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